Thursday, 23 June 2016

Why it’s your time NOW

One of the things I’m most passionate about in my life is how entrepreneurship changes lives. It seriously empowers women SO MUCH, and I believe there has never been a better time for us. 

When I see women struggling with questions like, 

How do I quit this job I hate?
How do I spend more time with my kids but still live my passions?
How do I afford the house/car/holidays I want to take? 
How do I get more clients and help people in a BIGGER way? 

My answer is always - create a business you love and one that creates abundance. 

Not always easy to be honest. 

I get really frustrated when I see women struggling. Sometimes because they are being passive and thinking that it will just magically “happen”. Often they see other people succeeding but not realizing the years of work that went on behind the scenes. Other times they just don’t know what they don’t know. 

It’s really easy to be jealous.
I shared a few weeks back that I was really jealous early on in my career of Spirit Junkie author Gabby Bernstein. I honestly felt like I deserved the success she had - especially around publishing and media - but without actually doing anything to emulate it! 

I was like - “Wah, why can’t I be on Oprah?!” 

Little did I realize how intentionally Gabby was stepping into her role as a spiritual leader. 

At first I thought - “Oh wow, she must meditate every day, I’m just not that kind of person.” Or - “Well, she’s really pretty, no wonder she gets on TV.” 

Haha - as if that stuff just happens by accident! You don’t become a New York Times bestselling author by having great hair (I wish!). 

The truth is that Gabby is unbelievably business savvy. When I interviewed her last week, she told me her most recent money lesson is learning to be a good negotiator - and I was reminded how much work goes into creating a successful business. 

The new female leaders need a skill set that goes way beyond learning to get likes on social media. It means standing in our power as women, spiritual beings and astute business women.

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