Thursday, 15 June 2017

Anita Pallenberg

Homage to Anita Pallenberg (in photo with her son Marlon.) Actress, model, mother, grandmother, style icon...Ms. Pallenberg died June 13, age 75. @nytimesfashion #vanessafriedman @vvfriedman writes about her contributions to #music history, and #fashion history, including influencing #katemoss #stellamccartney #bellafreud and of course the #rollingstones Vanessa writes: "She was a pioneer of so-called boho deluxe, mixing high boots and miniskirts and chain belts and new romantic blouses; animal print and paisley and florals; billowing sleeves and ribbed knits. She threw it all together with a just-rolled-out-of-bed/up-all-night air and dared anyone to comment. She mixed high and low and blended genres with magnetic abandon, and the result had its own gravitational pull. Combined with her personal back story — of hedonism and drug addiction, of promise and destruction, of going down in flames and rising from the ashes, with famous men left wallowing in her wake — it created exactly the kind of aesthetic myth that designers find hard to resist. She wore clothes and gave them a story. That story resonated far beyond her life, and it still does today. When the history of fashion is written, she should get her due." #restinpeace #anitapallenberg
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